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Training and Events


Children’s Advocacy Centers of Illinois are committed to promoting excellence in Illinois CACs through leadership, education and collaboration; providing training opportunities to strengthen CACs and multi-disciplinary partners, in accordance with the best practices and NCA standards for accreditation, which result in better service to Illinois children and their families.


To provide high quality discipline specific training and serve as a resource and as support to our CACs and MDTS.


CACI seeks input from member CACs and MDT members to better create training opportunities for frontline professionals that meet their needs and interest, and to diversify trainings to meet the needs of each MDT member.

CACI uses the Coalition Manager platform for all trainings  

 If you do not have a Coalition Manager account:

  • and you are an Illinois CAC employee, or a MDT member: please reach out to your Executive Director.
  • and you are a collaborative partner/stakeholder/other: please reach out to

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Training Series

New to the 2023 Standards, Component 2E requires CAC staff to participate in DEI training, a minimum of 8 hours, every 2 years. CACI is proud in offer, in part by funding from the Illinois Attorney General’s Office. Please save the following dates:

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Narrative Practice

By reviewing key aspects of the forensic interview including child development, language and memory development, the impact of trauma and the practical applications of approaches to enhancing rapport with youth, this training will strengthen skills of interviewers at the beginner and intermediate levels. Research supports that narrative practice increases a child’s narrative competence as well as the details provided in the substantive portion of the interview (Roberts, Brubacher, Powell, & Price, 2011). Attendees will build upon prior knowledge and experience, and enrich their techniques in engagement, gathering of details and fluidity of their forensic interviews.

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Trauma Symptom Checklist for Children Screening Form & Trauma Symptom Checklist of Young Children Screening Form Training (TSCC & TSCYC-SF)

Through NCA Project Funds, CACI is able to provide Trauma Symptom Checklist for Children Screening Forms, and Trauma Symptom Checklist of Young Children Screening Forms to CACs to use at the time of the forensic interview as a tool for triaging children into mental health services. These are commonly referred to as TSCC-SF and TSCYC-SF. Participants will learn more about these instruments which are multi-dimensional, reliable, valid, normed, evidence based and  to be administered by non-mental health staff to triage children for therapy as well as an engagement tool for non-offending caregivers. 

As outlined in CACIs National Children’s Alliance Grant for statewide projects, all CACs in IL are eligible for free TSCC-SF and TSCYC-SF for their centers. These can be requested by this link: 

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Motivational Interviewing (MI)

Motivational Interviewing (MI) is a conversation approach to help individuals change behaviors and increase intrinsic motivation to reach their goals. It seeks to help people decide to make behavior changes or improve their commitment to change. It can focus on almost any aspect of life where choice is needed, for example deciding to address anger issues, trauma, adverse childhood experiences, make education or career decisions, attend parenting classes or sessions, complying with court orders, changing negative behaviors (bullying, fighting, abusing), making lifestyle changes (health, substance use) based on heart set/mindset.

The three hour workshops will take place once a month for 3 consecutive months and in between the 3 sessions there will be the opportunity to participate in a shorter Practice Coaching sessions.

Learning Targets for workshops:

●  Develop and strengthen the core skills and conversational processes for using MI to support intrinsic motivation to make decisions or change by helping parents and children formulate their own thoughts and plans in reaching a goal.

●  Be engaged in active learning through experiential activities, videos and demonstrations, and facilitated practice as a multimodal way to learn this strength-based approach.

●  Learn strategies to help guide a person’s thought process and avoiding traps that create discord.

●  Learn ways to work toward proficiency in this approach.

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Quarterly Advocate Roundtable

Please join us for our Quarterly Advocate Round Table! Join us in networking, discussion, and fun! CACI will facilitate advocate round table discussion. This is an opportunity for advocates to network, assist one another with overcoming challenges, and share ideas. Advocates are encouraged to come with a question that they would like feedback from their peers and more information from others across the state.

Sponsorship Opportunities

I'm here to help! Please contact me with any questions, concerns, or suggestions about training.

Email ✉️  Cara Vock, Director of Programs and Member Services

Download the full 2023 CACI Training Calendar here.


CACI is always available for assistance with customized trainings to fit member organizations’ needs and challenges. CACI will respond appropriately as needed whenever a training need is identified throughout the year. Customized trainings can include, but are not limited to: Dynamics of Child Sexual Abuse and the Effect on an Investigation, The Work of the MDT, Overview of the Forensic Interview Process and Overview of the CAC Model. CACI staff can work with teams to provide oversight, develop teams and protocols, strategic planning, assist with case reviews, mediate conflict and help ensure that protocols are being followed and National Accreditation Standards on a MDT level are being fulfilled

CACI's goal is to provide high quality discipline specific training and serve as a resource and as support to our CACs and MDTS.

CACI seeks input from member CACs and MDT members to better create training opportunities for frontline professionals that meet their needs and interests, and to diversify trainings to meet the needs of each MDT member.



Continuing Education Assistance

Forensic Interview Coaching

Family Advocate Coaching

Qualtrics (OMS) Assistance

Medical Evaluation



Champions of Children Conference

ChildFirst Illinois

Round Table Meetings Advocate and MDT Coordinator

Director’s Conference

Annual Advocate Training

Annual Forensic Interviewer Specialty Training

Annual MDT Facilitators Training


The Children's Advocacy Centers of Illinois is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and an accredited chapter member of the National Children's Alliance

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